Uc {PC 448}


DOM Supl1..1207..;same GRLMA II.1.7: 483 Knobloch [Streitgedichte 1886] propose de l'identifier avec Uc de Bautz (adj. Bauçan) qui est nommé juge dans la tenso entre Aimeric et Peire del Poi; Jeanroy 34:432 sirventes-tenso avec Bausan dans MS a, mais les autres MSS l'attribuent à Uc le Dauphin; BEdT 1999 autori diversi; 2015-03 DBT 510: (Harvey MR 36 [2012]:172-191) {PC 448,1} sirventes Baussan ~ Dalfi d'Alvernhe (reply) or Uc ~ Baussan (reply), or possibly another "Uc" (Uc de Pena /Reliability/30); Harvey "Baussan" Tenso 17 [2002]: 32-55; also unclear the "Ugo" who created partimen with Chardo {PC 448,2}; origine incerta; DBT 510 at least two different poets; "Uc" {448,1} possibly Uc de la Bacalaria, Uc de Bautz, or Uc de St-Circ [these are the top 3 candidates]; or another "Uc", perhaps Uc de Pena; yet another "Uc" {448,2} identification unclear, shows traces of "venature linguistiche italiane"; {448,1} either Baussan~Dalfin d'Alvernhe; or Uc~Baussan; still not known who was: il rielaboratore-propositore del dibattito; BEdT 2.5 Uc definitely linked to Dalfi d'Alvernhe; Uc two poems {448,1} and {448,1a} should probably be reassigned to Bausan; Bausan may have been a woman (Harvey 2002 in Tenso);


Attribute ValuesNotes   More
Abbreviation, DOMUc Text
Abbreviation, FrankUc TextBEdT, RIALTO
Also known asUc del Bautz {} Person/Reliability/060 DBT, 030 Knobloch
Also known asUc de Saint Circ {PC 457} Person/Reliability/030 DBT 510
Also known asUc de La Bacalaria Text/Reliability/030 DBT 510
Also known asUc de Pena {PC 456} Person/Reliability/030 DBT 510
Also known asDalfi d'Alvergne {PC 119} Person/Reliability/030 BEdT
Also known asBaussan {PC (45)} Person
ConditionSammelnummer TextBEdT
ConditionMultiple persons TextDBT 510
Contemporary ofDalfi d'Alvergne {PC 119} PersonDOM 208
Created a poem withChardo {PC 114} Personpartimen {pc141,1}={PC 448,2} _1240_; DOM ChardCrois/Uc
Created a poem withDalfi d'Alvergne {PC 119} Person{448,1} and {448,1a}
Date, Flourished
1200/01/01 Date/TimeBeginning Date, Earliest
1250/12/31 Date/TimeBeginning Date, Latest
1230/01/01 Date/TimeEnding Date, Earliest
1280/12/31 Date/TimeEnding Date, Latest
Name, Full
{?} TextHonorific
Uc TextFirst
{?} TextSecond
{?} TextOrdinal
{?} TextParticle
{?} TextPlace
{?} TextEpithet
Name, MonolithicUc Text
Name, MonolithicUgo Text{PC 448,2}
Number, PC448 Number
Referred to byDizionario biografico dei trovatori {} InformationDBT 510
Troubadour RoleTrobador TextXIII
Troubadour RoleJudge Text