Property 85615

Condition of Person

GaucFaid, Gauceran, Gauc inconnu


SubjectGaucelm {PC 165} PersonConditionCC "*", Biogr 350 has 3 "Gaucelm, sans surnom";[Gaucelm #3, PC p138 "bei 3 konnte man an Gaucelm Faidit denken, bei 2 schwerlich"]; GRLMA II.1.7:438 p-e identique a GaucFaid; BEdT1.5 "Gaucelm" prob. diversi autori; BEdT 2.0 diversi autori; [2015-03]DBT 4 poems: {165,1} may well be attributed to Gauceran; {165,2} to an unknown "Gaucelm" (not widely thought to be GauFaidit); {165,3} w/Azar (=Peire de Mont Albert) and {165,4} w/Coms de Bretagna (who answers in French), can both be attributed to Gaucelm Faidit;; DBT p201 has separate bibliographies for {165,2} and {165-2}-{165,4};
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