Marcabru II {PC 293a}


CC "?"; /Reliability/030; (cobla not before 1272/ t. post 1272-11-16); Ms P attributes to Marchabru the "cobla de Marchabrun per lo rei Aduard e per lo rei A[nfos]" = {PC 293a,1}; edn in Archiv 50:283; Bartsch 293,10; GRLMA II.1.7: 398 fin XIII 1 cobla 1272... [GRLMA VI.2: 5728]; BEdT 1999/07/27 generazione 6= post 1260, luogo di origine = Italia; BEdT 1.5 2008-04-26 origine: Italia (Veneto (?);


AttributeValuesNotes   More
Abbreviation, BEdTMarcabr-II Text
Abbreviation, DOMMarc2 Text
Abbreviation, FrankMarcabr.II Text
Abbreviation, RIALTOMbruII Text
CreatedBe for'ab lui aunit lo ric barnatge {PC 293a,1} Information
Date, Flourished
1260/01/01 Date/TimeBeginning Date, Earliest
1270/12/31 Date/TimeBeginning Date, Latest
1290/01/01 Date/TimeEnding Date, Earliest
1299/12/31 Date/TimeEnding Date, Latest
Name, Full
{?} TextHonorific
Marcabru TextFirst
{?} TextSecond
{?} TextOrdinal
{?} TextParticle
{?} TextPlace
{?} TextEpithet
Name, MonolithicMarcabru Text
Name, MonolithicMarchabru TextMS P
Number, PC293a Text
Place, Origin
{?} TextCity/Commune
Veneto TextState/Province
Italy TextCountry
Referred to byBiographies (Chabaneau) des troubadours {} InformationCC Biogr 365 "?"
Referred to byMS P Media
Troubadour RoleTrobador TextXIII /Reliability/030