Arnaut de Brancalo {PC 26}


GRLMA II.1.7:518 fin XIII; DOM Supl1 fin 13e s.; Guida Trovatori minori 2002: 225-282; his father (for Guida, "il vecchio") "Arnaldus de Brantalono publicus notarius" in docs 1204, 1206, died before 1224; (p.234) Arnaut was condemned and his goods confiscated before 1250 (Guida speaks p.241 of the great purge of 1246-1248), then in 1279 Philippe III roi de France restored confiscated goods to 278 Toulousains who had been stripped of their goods -- the name of Arnaut's wife Mauranda appears as the 253th name on this list (8 members of the Maurand family appeared on this list); pp.250-251 Arnaut's ammissione di "follia"/implorazione; BEdT 1999/07/27 generazione 5= 1230-1260; BEdT 2007-04-22 / v.2.0 2009-02-24 idem: "Brantalo(n) meglio che Brancalo(n) o Brancaleon": cfr. Guida 2002, sopr. pp. 227-231; Bec 2004:259 fin XIII, troubadour mal identifié, 1 seule canso;


AttributeValuesNotes   More
Abbreviation, BEdTArnBrant Text
Abbreviation, DOMArnBranc TextFrank, RIALTO
CreatedAncar, si m'aiut {PC 26,0} Information
CreatedN'Arnaux de Brantalon e Guilhem de Gap {PC 26,0; BEdT 217a,0} Informationco-creator
Created a poem withGuilhem de Gap {BEdT 217a} Person
Date, Flourished
1220/01/01 Date/TimeBeginning Date, Earliest
1230/12/31 Date/TimeBeginning Date, Latest
1250/01/01 Date/TimeEnding Date, Earliest
1260/12/31 Date/TimeEnding Date, Latest
Date, Flourished
1270/01/01 Date/TimeBeginning Date, Earliest
1280/12/31 Date/TimeBeginning Date, Latest
1300/01/01 Date/TimeEnding Date, Earliest
1310/12/31 Date/TimeEnding Date, Latest
Name, Full
{?} TextHonorific
Arnaut TextFirst
{?} TextSecond
{?} TextOrdinal
de TextParticle
Brancalo TextPlace
{?} TextEpithet
Name, MonolithicArnaldus de Brantalono iuvenis TextA.D. Haute-Garonne, H Malte, Toulouse, 17, 79, no.1
Name, MonolithicArnaut de Brancaleon TextRaynouard, Bartsch, Bec 2004:259
Name, MonolithicArnaut de Brancaléon TextFrank, COM
Name, MonolithicArnaut de Brancalo TextC R; PC
Name, MonolithicArnaut de Brantalo TextBEdT
Name, MonolithicArnaut de Brantalon TextGuida 2002, BEdT
Name, MonolithicArnauz de Brantalon Text
Number, PC026 Text
Place, Origin
Brantalon / Castanet-Tolosan TextCity/Commune
Castanet-Tolosan TextCounty/Canton
Toulouse TextArrondissement
Haute-Garonne TextDepartement
Languedoc TextState/Province
France TextCountry
Referred to byFlorilège en mineur. Jongleurs et troubadours mal connus {} InformationBec 2004:259
Referred to byTrovatori minori {} InformationGuida 2002:225-282
Referred to byUn nouveau fragment de chansonnier provençal {} InformationGasca 1983
Troubadour RoleTrobador TextXIII