Antoni Crusa {Zufferey 463}


DOM Supl1 chanson religieuse [Zufferey 463,1] 1471 (?) [JeanrJoies 318; violeta 1471


AttributeValues Notes   More
Name, Full
{?} TextHonorific
Antoni TextFirst
Crusa TextSecond
{?} TextOrdinal
{?} TextParticle
{?} TextPlace
{?} TextEpithet
Number, Zufferey463 Number
Troubadour RoleAcadèmia dels Jòcs Florals Text
Abbreviation, ZuffereyAntCru Text
Abbreviation, DOMAntCrusa Text
Name, MonolithicAnthoni Crusa TextCC
Name, MonolithicAntoni Crusa Text
Referred to byOrigine des jeux floraux (Table alphabétique), Note sur l' {} Information
Place, Associated with
Toulouse TextCity/Commune
Toulouse TextCounty/Canton
Toulouse TextArrondissement
Haute-Garonne TextDepartement
Languedoc TextState/Province
France TextCountry
Troubadour RoleTrobador TextXV