Albert {PC 13}


GRLMA II.1.7:454 sans doute, pas identique à AlbSis; DOM Supl1 SimDor/Alb partimen ..1250 avec SimDor {436,2} GRLMA II.1.7: 482; Jeanroy 1250-1300 tenso avec Gaudi, d'après A, Table; BEdT 1.5 2008-04-27 generazione: attribuzione; luogo di origine: non precisabile, attribuzione; Bec 2004:185-189 Albert (ou Alberjat); BEdT 2.0 idem; [2015-03] DBT 33: 1225-1250?, origine incerta, cannot be reasonably identified; Bertoni identified him hypothetically with the Genoese Alberto Fieschi (doc. 1253-01 -- Luca Grimaldi also mentioned in this doc.);


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Abbreviation, BEdTAlbert^ Text
Abbreviation, DOMAlb Text
Abbreviation, FrankAlbert TextRIALTO
Also known asAlberjat {PC 12b} Person/Reliability/090 Jeanroy, 030 DOM, Bec 2004:185; 060 Boutiere, Sanguineti, Harvey-Paterson
Created a poem withSimon Doria {PC 436} PersonSimDor/Alb {436,2} ..1250 partimen
Date, Flourished
1240/01/01 Date/TimeBeginning Date, Earliest
1260/12/31 Date/TimeBeginning Date, Latest
1270/01/01 Date/TimeEnding Date, Earliest
1299/12/31 Date/TimeEnding Date, Latest
Name, Full
{?} TextHonorific
Albert TextFirst
{?} TextSecond
{?} TextOrdinal
{?} TextParticle
{?} TextPlace
{?} TextEpithet
Name, MonolithicAlbert Text
Number, PC013 Text
Referred to byDizionario biografico dei trovatori {} InformationDBT 33
Referred to byFlorilège en mineur. Jongleurs et troubadours mal connus {} InformationBec 2004:185-189
Referred to byTrovatori d'Italia {} InformationReliability/30 "supposizione" ipotetica; pp384-387
Troubadour RoleTrobador TextXIII
Web URL URL Open