Alaisina Yselda {PC 12}


cobla with Carenza {PC 108} (also unknown); DOM Supl1 /1250/; Perkal-B 1986:133 the use of _nus_, _duas serors_ at v.2 {12,1} shows that two different women are speaking; Bogin (144, 178-179) is the first to suggest that these were two separate women, "N'Alais i na Iselda"; Bruckner (Handbook p204) "Two or three trobairitz with names, but otherwise unknown; one anonymous trobairitz; or none at all?"; BEdT on-line v.1.5 / v.2.0: gen 0; luogo di origine non precisabile; identificazione: Trobairitz non identificabile, che sottopone a Na Carenza, anch'essa dall'identità sfuggente, la questione dell'opportunità o meno di maritarsi; DBT 29-30 Alais and Iselda (2 sisters, N'Alaisina Iselda = v.2: «donatz conselh a nos doas serors») v.2: «donatz conselh a nos doas serors»; /Reliability/060 DBT "sembra più giusto", two more likely than a single poet; two separately in Index ("di origine incerta"), although this hypothesis "non ha trovato unanimi consensi"; /030 BGST probably not two names;


AttributeValuesNotes   More
Abbreviation, DOMAlYs Text
Abbreviation, FrankAlYs TextBEdT, RIALTO
Also known asAlais {PC 12} Person"Na Alais" (1 of 2 sisters) /Reliability060 DBT; /030 BGST
Also known asIselda {PC 12} Person"Na Iselda" (1 of 2 sisters) /Reliability060 DBT; /030 BGST
ConditionMultiple persons Textv.2: «donatz conselh a nos doas serors»; /Reliability/060 DBT "sembra più giusto"; /030 BGST probably not two names
ConditionUnidentified TextJeanroy 34, GRLMA
CreatedNa Carenza al bel cors avinen {PC 12,1} Informationco-creator (one of 2 or 3)
Created a poem withCarenza (Na) {PC 108} Person
Date, Flourished
1200/01/01 Date/TimeBeginning Date, Earliest
1270/12/31 Date/TimeBeginning Date, Latest
1230/01/01 Date/TimeEnding Date, Earliest
1299/12/31 Date/TimeEnding Date, Latest
Name, Full
{?} TextHonorific
Alais TextFirst
Yselda TextSecond
{?} TextOrdinal
{?} TextParticle
{?} TextPlace
{?} TextEpithet
Name, MonolithicAlaisina Iselda TextGRLMA
Number, PC012 Text
Place, Origin
{?} TextCity/Commune
{?} TextArrondissement
{?} TextCounty/Canton
{?} TextDepartement
Provence TextState/Province
France TextCountry
Referred to byDizionario biografico dei trovatori {} InformationDBT 29-30
Referred to byPoésie lyrique (1) des troubadours (1974) {} InformationJeanroy 34 I:332
Referred to byThe Women Troubadours {} InformationBogin 1980: 144; Handbook 204
Troubadour RoleTrobairitz TextXIII
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